Natural Beauty Essence

“AuRyzz” has forming from “Oryza Sativa” which is RICE. Rice was binding with Asian daily for years, especially Thais. The product is not only nutrition to the shape but also to the skin with nature the skin brightness and tender condition.

‘AuRyzz’ product not only made from rice natural extraction but also added an innovative technology to help brighten skin and reduce wrinkles with anti-ageing formula. Our rice extraction aroma helps reduce stress and creating relaxation anytime when using the product.

AuRyzz® Rice Extraction Product is made from natural extraction of rice. Packed with innovative technology and reduce wrinkles with anti-ageing formula and quality of life for any ages.

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Skincare innovative with rice natural extraction including several natural extraction, softly and special care to brighten the skin with reducing of wrinkles and anti-aging with researching by medical professionals to ensure the product will non-irritate the skin. (Dermatologist-tested for non-irritation).


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